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JongTae fic.

 A/N: This is a fan fiction written to a picture drawn by lightism  and is therefore dedicated to her <3 The story is however not finished so here's part 2 ;D


They ate in silence and left that way too.
Jonghyun walked close to Taemin.
“Hey Taemin-ah…Did you see what happened last night?? In the park?” Jonghyun suddenly asked.
Taemin swallowed before he turned his head to look at Jonghyun.
“Are you on the run or something?”
“Since you were hiding in the bushes.”
“Oh, that… Mmh yes, I’m on the run.”
“Jonghyun-ah…I wish to be on my way now. Thank you for letting me stay over last night.”
“I want you to stay,” Jonghyun murmured, looking down as they walked.
“It’s not safe, I have to go.”
“Not safe? Why isn’t it safe Taeminnie?”
“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” Taemin said, scratching the back of his head.
“We’re friends, you can tell me,” Jonghyun said, gently nudging Taemin.
He was pretty sure Taemin was just embarrassed about something and just pretended that it was something dangerous.
“Alright, but not until we’re inside your apartment,” Taemin said, giving in to the other.

As they walked past the park, Taemin made sure he walked on the other end of the street.
That big hole in the ground that he had made last night had drawn a lot of attention, people were taking pictures, news reporters were there and most likely the Angel hunters would be there as well.
Taemin was in a hurry to get into the apartment building with Jonghyun, practically dragging the older boy with him.
“Why are you in such a hurry?” Jonghyun complained, it was such a nice day and he wanted to be outside.
Closing the door behind them, Taemin looked seriously at Jonghyun before he opened his mouth to speak.
“That hole in the park, I made it.”
“I made it when I fell from the sky and crashed. I hid in the bushes because I didn’t want them to find me.”
“Wait, what?” Jonghun said, frowning.
“I’m an Angel.”
Jonghyun burst out laughing at that statement, making Taemin glare at him.
“Yah! It’s not funny, I really am an Angel.”
“Oh come on Taeminnie, you don’t seriously think I’ll fall for that, do you?”
Taemin then pouted until he suddenly remembered.
“My scars!”
“Your scars…?”
“Yes! The ones on my shoulder blades,” Taemin said, grinning as he pulled off his shirt and turned his back to Jonghyun; “Look! They’re identical, right?”
Jonghyun sighed softly and looked at them, he had seen them before and concluded with what Taemin just said, they were identical.
“That’s where my wings are. You can’t see them because you’re a normal human being.”
“A normal human being?”
“Mhm!” Taemin nodded his head as he had turned back to facing Jonghyun.
“What do you mean?”
“Well, you have Angels, Demons, Vampires, Werewolves..…“
“Wait!” Jonghyun interrupted; “What are those people you mentioned as ‘them’, earlier?”
“The Angel hunters.”
“Angel hunters?”
Taemin nodded his head; “They hunt down fallen Angels and kills them so they won’t convert into demons, return to the sky or mingle with normal human beings.”
“What do you mean by mingling?”
“Ah you know, the whole falling in love, marrying and reproducing thing.”
Jonghyun stared at Taemin, he was unsure if he should believe the boy or just throw him out and never speak with him again.
“See? I said you wouldn’t believe me.”
“Is that so weird? Seriously Taemin, you’re claiming to be an angel and that vampires and werewolves exists.”
“I wish there was something I could do to make you believe me,” Taemin said softly.
Now that he had told Jonghyun the truth, only he could help him return to heaven.
“You sound like a psycho, please shut up already,” Jonghyun said as he ruffled his own hair.
Why did he have to help Taemin in the first place?
Taemin pouted at that and walked to the bathroom, locking himself in.
Once the door was locked, he leaned against the door as he sunk to the floor.
“Why can’t he just believe me…?” Taemin whispered, and for the first time since he became an angel, he felt like crying.
Jonghyun let out a sigh and went to his bedroom to get Taemin’s clothes, he placed them on the floor outside the bathroom before knocking at the door.
“Taemin-ah, I’d like you to leave right now.”
Taemin closed his eyes, a tear falling down his face.
“Yah, kid! Get the fuck out of my bathroom!”
The angel didn’t move, nor did he answer back no matter how much he wanted to yell that he was not a kid.
Just when Jonghyun was about to bang on the door and yell some more, the doorbell rang.
“Great!” he muttered, gritting his teeth as he went to the door and opened up, practically biting the person’s head off.

When the door flew open and an angry Jonghyun appeared, Key just stared at him.
What the fuck what the matter with him?
“Oh Key, I’m so sorry,” Jonghyun apologized upon realizing how rude he had been to one of his best friends.
“Yeah you better be,” Key said grumpily as he pushed his way into the apartment; “Why are you so angry anyways? You’re like always happy.”
Jonghyun bit his lip and closed the door, what was he supposed to say?
He couldn’t just tell Key about Taemin and all that bullshit the kid had been saying.
“I uh…”
“OH! It’s about the park isn’t it?””
“Yeah, I saw on the news that there had landed some kind of a meteor. And like they had to get rid of that tree that you like so much because of those scientists that were gonna check it out.”
Jonghyun’s eyes widened at that.
“M-my tree?”
“Awe Jonghyunnie, cheer up will you,” Key murmured as he patted Jonghyun’s shoulder.
The two boys sat down on the couch, Key rubbing Jonghyun’s back in a soothing manner as they talked about the park.

Taemin had his ear pressed against the door as he listened to the other two speak.
He was crying even more now, but this time it was because he had ruined the place Jonghyun enjoyed the most.
The boy carefully unlocked the door, opened it and grabbed his clothes before locking himself in again.
Taemin got back into his own clothes and looked into the large mirror above the sink.
His eyes were red and puffy, the eyeliner was out of place and he looked horrible all over.
He looked like a slut.
With one last sniffle he left the bathroom and walked to the living room as that was the way to the front door.
“I-I’ll be going now;” Taemin said as he walked past the couch, both Key and Jonghyun turned to look at him.
“Who’s that kid?” Key whispered.
Upon hearing that, Taemin turned around and glared at Key.
“I am not a kid! I’m fucking 16 years old!” Taemin yelled, looking really pissed off.
Key blinked and stared at the boy, studying him from top to toe before he turned to Jonghyun with a confused look on his face.
“It’s not what it looks like Key,” Jonghyun said, knowing very well what Key was thinking.
“If it’s not what it looks like, then what is it then?” Key asked; “Look at him! He’s a 16 year old who has the face of a five year old, his clothes are torn, his eyeliner practically all over his face, and his eyes are red and puffy from crying!”
“Yah, Taemin-ah! Have you been crying?” Jonghyun asked, and Taemin shook his head as he replied; “I don’t cry.”
“See, he hasn’t been crying.”
Key rolled his eyes and stood up; “Taemin. Is that your name?”
“Where do you live? I’ll take you home.”
“I don’t live anyplace.”
“Don’t be silly kid…I mean Taemin. Everybody has someplace they live.”
“He’s homeless, and he’s on the run,” Jonghyun then said.
“Really Jonghyun? You brought an orphan who’s on the run, to your apartment and fucked him for cash? What the fuck has happened to you!?”
“I did not get any money or a fuck. Goodbye,” Taemin growled before he left the apartment.

After Taemin left, Key continued to scold Jonghyun.
They ended up having a huge fight which ended in Key being thrown out.
Jonghyun felt like trashing the whole apartment, but when he picked up his camera to throw it on the ground, he changed his mind.
He couldn’t let the anger get the best of him.
“Stupid kid,” Jonghyun muttered as he threw himself on the couch.
He stayed there for a couple of hours before he stood up and went to the bathroom, he needed to pee and take a shower.

While he was standing under the hot water, he came to think about something his mother had told him.
A story she had told him each night till he turned seven, because that’s when she died.
She used tell a story about a young man who had found a young woman, an angel that had fallen from the sky.
They fell in love, got married and had a child, a beautiful little boy who they named Jonghyun.
Then something clicked, Taemin was speaking the truth.
“Shit,” Jonghyun said to himself as turned off the shower and got out before drying himself off and getting dressed before he headed out.

As Taemin walked down the street, a couple of guys followed him as they thought he was a girl.
One of these boys was an angel hunter, and he was the leader of the gang that was now following Taemin.
Upon noticing that he was being followed, Taemin started to walk faster and soon he was running.
He ran as fast as he could, turning to the right down an ally before doing the same only to the left.
The boy didn’t know the place so he was soon lost, and he guys following were catching up.
He turned his head to look at them and just then, he ran into someone.
“Taemin! I’ve been looking all over for you!” Jonghyun practically shrieked as he grabbed hold of the boy’s shoulders.
Taemin stared at Jonghyun with wide eyes before he turned back too look at the guys who had just stopped and were slowly pulling back.
“Taemin-ah, are you even listening to me?” Jonghyun asked as he pulled Taemin into a tight hug.
Taemin shook his head as he snuggled into Jonghyun, his heart beating so fast.
“I’m so sorry I didn’t believe you…..I do believe you, I do now.”
“Please take me away from here,” Taemin sobbed into Jonghyun’s shirt.
Jonghyun rubbed Taemin’s back for a couple of seconds before he proceeded to lead him back to his apartment.

“Here, let’s get your face all cleaned up,” Jonghyun said as he lead Taemin into the bathroom once they had gotten inside the apartment.
Taemin didn’t say or do anything else but following Jonghyun and allow him to wash his face.
“I am really sorry for not believing you earlier Taeminnie, please forgive me,” Jonghyun said as he wiped Taemin’s face, making sure he got rid of all the eyeliner and the tears.
“I forgive you. If I were you, I wouldn’t have believed me either.”
Jonghyun smiled softly and held Taemin’s hand; “You can stay here for as long as you’d like.”
“Thank you, that’s really nice of you but I don’t want to steal your bed again.”
“Don’t worry about it, I quite enjoy sleeping on the couch.”
“But it’s not good for your back.”
“Then maybe…we could share the bed?”
“Share the bed?”
“Yes, this way both our backs will be saved.”
Taemin nodded his head slowly; “Sure.”
“It’s been a long day, let’s just go to bed early,” Jonghyun said as he pulled Taemin to the bedroom.
They both got undressed and got into the bed, neither of them saying anything as they were both feeling pretty awkward about the whole situation and not to mention the fact that they could see the other practically all naked.

Jonghyun fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow, Taemin on the other hand stayed awake for most of the night, wondering what made Jonghyun change his mind and come get him.

The following morning, Taemin woke up to a snoring Jonghyun who was holding him rather tightly.
“Well this is awkward…” Taemin said quietly as e tried to pry Jonghyun’s arms apart, but that only made him tighten his grip furthermore.
Jonghyun snuggled Taemin and nuzzled his neck as Taemin was about to go back to sleep, making him wide awake and try even harder to get out of Jonghyun’s hold.
This was too much!
Jonghyun slowly woke up as Taemin continued to wiggle in his arms.
“Taemin..?” Jonghyun mumbled softly as he looked at the younger through half lidded eyes.
“Jonghyun-ah! Could you please let go of me?” Taemin asked when Jonghyun said his name.
Jonghyun then quickly pulled away from Taemin, it hadn’t occurred to him how close they were and that he had been holding him this tightly.
“S-sorry,” Jonghyun apologized as he got out of bed; “I’ll make us some breakfast.”
Taemin smiled softly and let Jonghyun walk off, it only took a couple of seconds before Jonghyun returned though.

Jonghyun walked over to the bed and crawled onto it, a smile on his face as he was now hovering over Taemin who was chewing on his bottom lip.
They looked intense at each other as Jonghyun’s face slowly got closer Taemin’s.
The distance between them vanished as their lips connected.
Jonghyun who was an experienced kisser, took things slowly as it was pretty obvious the boy hadn’t done this before.
Jonghyun had his eyes closed as he kissed Taemin sweetly; Taemin on the other hand had his eyes wide open.
Taemin kind of knew something like this would happen but he was not prepared for it.
He felt really good about it and all but it also felt weird, like really weird.
The boy just stared at Jonghyun’s closed eyes until his own slowly fluttered closed, his lips parting slightly when he felt the other’s tongue gently swiping across them.
Jonghyun dipped his tongue into Taemin’s mouth and explored it, his tongue going everywhere.
Taemin let out a soft moan as Jonghyun deepened the kiss furthermore.
One of Jonghyun’s hands moved down Taemin’s body, settling on the boy’s crotch.
Taemin made a soft whimpering like sound as he pulled away from the kiss; “N-not there…”
Jonghyun gave a small nod as he removed his hand and kissed the boy again, the hand moving under Taemin to grope his butt.
Again, Taemin broke the kiss, making that same little noise of disapproval.
Jonghyun continued to kiss Taemin as he yet again removed his hand from the boy’s body.
Taemin closed his eyes and started relaxing into the kiss when he had seen that Jonghyun rested his hand beside his shoulder, on the bed.
Jonghyun had his head tilted to the right but he soon changed that by turning his head to the left, his nose flicking Taemin’s as right turned to left.
Taemin eeped softly and pulled back at that and moved one of his hands to hold his nose.
Jonghyun groaned softly and got up off Taemin.
“I-I’m sorry,” Taemin apologized.
“No, it’s okay. I’ve got to do some studying now anyways…” Jonghyun said as he walked out of the room, leaving Taemin all alone.
Taemin stayed in the bed for a while, the whole day actually, before he fell asleep.

Waking up what Taemin thought was the next day, the boy got up and walked to the living room.
A soft smile formed on his lips when he saw the sleeping Jonghyun.
He walked up to him and pulled the books out from under Jonghyun’s head before he sat down and watched him and gently brushed the guy’s bangs out of his face.
It didn’t take long before Jonghyun woke up as Taemin kept touching his face every once in a while.
“You know….sleeping in the bed is a lot more comfortable,” Taemin said in his usual cute tone of voice.
“Yeah, I know.”
“Then come with me,” Taemin murmured as he stood up and tugged Jonghyun with him back to the bedroom.
Once they were inside the said room, Taemin turned towards Jonghyun and started to undress him, leaving him in his boxers before he made him lie down so he could tuck him in.
Taemin then went back to the living room so he could check how his broken wing was doing.
It didn’t take long before Taemin went back into the room and climbed into the bed, snuggling up against Jonghyun.

Taemin felt like he had some kind of special bond with Jonghyun, so even though Jonghyun had been feeling him up he still felt safe with him.
Jonghyun turned over in his sleep and put an arm over Taemin, using it to pull the boy closer as he whispered in his sleep: “I love you.”
“Omo, I love you too Jonghyun-ah,” Taemin whispered back, meaning it as in he cared for him.
Taemin pressed a kiss to Jonghyun’s head before falling asleep, not really bothering to think about the fact that they had been sleeping for over 24 hours already.

Upon opening his eyes, Taemin looked right into Jonghyun’s.
“Morning love…” Jonghyun murmured, reaching out to caress Taemin’s cheek.
“Good morning…you know, you have class in about one hour.”
“Aw man!” Jonghyun complained as he rolled over on the bed.
Taemin laughed softly and moved to lie half way over Jinghyun’s chest.
“Come on collage boy, I’ll still be here when you return.”
“You promise?”
“I promise… Now get up,” Taemin said as he got up off Jonghyun and out of bed, Jonghyun following him.
Once it was time to say goodbye, Jonghyun kissed Taemin tenderly, not really thinking about why he did this.
Taemin blushed and bid the other farewell, waving a little before he closed the door.
He leaned against the door and sunk to the floor as he touched his lips, he felt so warm and tingly.
What was happening to him?

Jonghyun had a stupid smile on his face as he left the building and went to class.
This time he didn’t sit beside Key, his friend was still angry with him, but Jonghyun would try to make it up to him later on today.
But at the same time, he couldn’t get Taemin out of his head.
He couldn’t believe it, God had to send him an angel for him to discover who he really was.
It took an angel to make him come out of the closet, a beautiful angel, an angel with the name Taemin.
“Yah, Jonghyun-ah,” Minho said, poking Jonghyun’s cheek.
“Mmh, what?”
“Class is over.”
“Oh~”Jonghyun said, rubbing his eyes; “I must have fallen asleep.”
“What were you dreaming about anyway?”
“No one.”
“No one?”
“Dude, you totally dreamt about someone!”
“I did not!” Jonghyun huffed as he stood up and started walking out of the lecture room.
“He dreamt about the whore sucking him off,” someone suddenly said, both Jonghyun and Minho turning their heads to stare at Key.
“H-he’s not a whore.”
“You dreamt about a guy?” Minho asked, frowning.
“Yeah, he’s a skinny little blonde kid,” Key said, sounding awfully pissed off.
“Oh! I met that guy. He’s the one who clung to you Jjong, right?” Minho said slowly, carefully choosing his words.
“Yes...but he’s not a whore.”
“What is he then, your younger brother?” Key asked sarcastically.
“No! He’s a…forget it, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”
“What Jjong, what is he?”
“He’s an angel.”
“Hah! That’s bullshit Jonghyun! That is about as true as it is that I slept with Onew and he’s now my boyfriend.”
“But Key…you slept with Onew,” Minho pointed out.
“Well yeah, but he’s not my boyfriend. He totally used me!”
“Oh my God Key, I’m so sorry!” Jonghyun said, putting a hand on Key’s shoulder.
“Don’t be. You have other things to focus on, like that whore of yours.”
“He’s not a whore Key…he would have went down on me when I bumped into them,” Minho said wisely, making Key scoff.
“Look Key, I’m really sorry about yelling at you and throwing you out. I don’t know what came over me.”
“That child is what came over you!”
“Yah! Calm down Key, it’s not like he replaced you. You’re still my best friend.”
“Bullshit Jjong. You threw our friendship away the second you let that kid inside your apartment.”
“Key…there’s not anyone left on this planet that I love more than you.”
“Not even that child..?”
“Things are complicated between Taemin and me. I don’t know what’s going on between us most of the time.”
“You’re obviously in love Jonghyung… I used to feel that way around you all the time. And I still do.”
“But Key, you like Onew.”
Minho rolled his eyes and left the two alone; he didn’t need this gay drama.
“I only acted interested in Onew to make you jealous. It’s you that I want. It has always been you! And not that child has taken everything away from me.”
“Key, why can’t you just befriend him? He’s a good kid. You can teach him things, and he can teach you some things as well.”
“I don’t want to teach him stuff, I want you! Can’t you see?”
“You give me no choice but to give you up Key. I don’t like you like that.”
“You’ll at least make proper love to him, right?”
“Well yeah.”
“Um… Key, how does one make proper love to someone who is the same gender?” Jonghyun asked.
“Oh my God Jjong, are you telling me you don’t know anything about sex?”
“Of course I know sex; I just don’t know gay sex.”
“It’s all the same. Have you ever had anal sex with a woman?”
Jonghyun shook his head.
“Well then. You shove your dick up his ass and fuck it as if it was a vagina. You also have to prep him for the penetration you know, like stretching him so your dick won’t tear his insides apart.”
“O-oh! Right,” Jonghyun said, blushing madly.
Key sighed and rubbed his forehead, he couldn’t believe he had just given away the love of his life.

Taemin hummed softly as he waltzed trough Jonghyun’s apartment.
He was really happy that he was back in there and that his wing was soon fully healed.
“When Jonghyun gets back here, I’ll have dinner ready for him,” Taemin grinned to himself as he dusted the top of each cupboard and washed the windows; “He’ll be so pleased with me.”

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