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JongTae fic.

A/N: This is a fan fiction written to a picture drawn bylightism and is therefore dedicated to her <3 The story is however not finished so here's part 1 ;D

Finishing off his day at collage on Friday, Jonghyun was looking forward to spending his weekend in the park.
He hadn’t been able to be there for more than one hour each day these past three weeks due to all those projects and tests and presentations.

As he walked down the hallway, he heard someone calling for him.
“Yah! Jonghyun-ah, are you gonna come to Onew’s party tonight?” his best friend, Key asked as he came running towards him.
“Nah, I’m gonna spend some time in the park tonight,” Jonghyun replied, he wasn’t really a party person.
“Oh come on Jonghyunnie~ I need you there to give me strength to talk to Onew.”
Jonghyun just laughed and shook his head.
“Don’t be silly Key. You already know he likes you, so why should I even be there? He hates my guts!”
“If he doesn’t like you, then how can he like me…? Everybody likes you Jonghyun. There’s like no girl or boy for that matter, that doesn’t have a crush on you. You know I have,” Key pointed out.
“No, the answer is no Key. I want to do things I want to for a change.”
“Oh alright, but you don’t know what you’ll be missing out on.”
“You’re right, I don’t know and I’d rather it stayed that way.”
Key rolled his eyes but smiled.
Jonghyun was the only person he knew of that didn’t like partying, heck, he was the only person he knew that didn’t have a healthy love life.

The two boys bid each other goodbye as they parted ways at the college gate.
Jonghyun walked hurriedly to get home.
He just couldn’t wait till he got to sit down in the soft green grass and just take in the park’s beauty.
A smile spread across his lips as he walked past the park.
He didn’t live too far from it which was the way he had always wanted it.

The boy practically ran all the way up to the third floor of the apartment building he was living in.
The stairs were looking pretty sad, not to mention completely washed out.
Key had always asked how he could stand this place, it was so filthy, but Jonghyun didn’t mind.
He was close to the park and his apartment was pretty neat, as he was kind of a perfectionist when it came to cleaning.
He carefully placed his backpack neatly on the couch after taking off his shoes by the door and then went to the bathroom where he turned on the shower and got undressed.
He put the used clothes directly into the washing machine and put it on before he stepped into the shower.
He hummed a random song as he started washing himself, rubbing the soap coated sponge against his toned skin.
He washed himself thoroughly before he moved on to wash his hair, moving his head out of the water.
Jonghyun then rinsed the shampoo out of his hair before he turned off the water and stepped out of the shower to dry himself off.

After having dressed again and hang his washed clothes up to dry, he took his camera and went outside, wanting to go to the park badly.
He looked to both ways before he crossed the street, the light breeze messing up the boy’s hair.

He sat down on the grass, leaning on the large tree behind him.
He let one of his hands move from its position on the camera to thread his fingers through the soft grass.
He had sure missed this.
Looking up, he could see the gentle breeze play with the leaves of the large tree keeping him in the shadow so he wouldn’t get too warm from the almost too kind sun shining down on earth.
He closed his eyes to enjoy the feel of nature only to open them few seconds later and spot a shooting star.
He frowned slightly at that, shooting stars were not a normal thing to be seen in pure daylight.
The brown haired boy blinked a couple of times before his eyes began to search the sky for the shooting star, but it was already long gone.

When night fell, Jonghyun returned to his apartment, gently placing his camera on the small table standing a couple of meters away from the front door.
He slipped out off his shoes before he went to put his backpack into his work room.
He left the room after making sure everything was in its original place.
As he always did, he went to the kitchen to get a glass of warm milk before he went to his bedroom to start undressing.
He folded his clothes neatly, placing them on a chair before he went to the bathroom to brush his teeth.
Going to bed tonight, Jonghyun had this weird feeling in the pit of his stomach.
He closed his eyes and thought about Key, wondering how things were going for him and Onew.
He turned, feeling a bit uneasy about the whole party thing.
He should have gone with Key, at least then he’d know that he was safe.
He turned again and again before he suddenly sat up.
“Fuck,” he cursed before getting up.
He rubbed his forehead for a couple of seconds before he stood up and got dressed again.
“I’m coming to get you Key,” he said softly as he made his way to the front door.
He turned back around to look out the large window when he felt the apartment shake.
The sky lit up and a large ball of fire went through the star filled sky.
Jonghyun hurriedly took out his camera and took some pictures before he rushed out of the door.

Getting outside, he went straight to the park where he had seen the meteor go, or was it a shooting star?
Getting in through the park gate, he looked around for anything that could give away the meteor’s whereabouts.
He scratched the back of his neck.
Where could it have landed?
Looking towards his favourite place, he could see some smoke and his heart stopped beating for a couple of seconds as he slowly walked over to that part of the park.
The first thing he looked for when he got there was his tree and luckily it was alright
He then saw the large hole the meteor must have made.
He slowly moved closer when he heard something move in the bushes not that far away.
Forgetting about the meteor for now, Jonghyun went over to the bushes to see what it was that was hiding in there.
Pushing the leaves apart he spotted a young boy.
He looked really skinny and had blonde hair.
He frowned a little and reached out for the boy, but he pulled away, fear written all over his face.
Jonghyun could see that the boy was injured and wanted to help him, but every time he moved closer the boy would pull away.
“It’s alright, I won’t harm you,” Jonghyun said reassuringly, but the boy still wouldn’t come out.
“Hey kid, do you even understand what I’m saying?”
“I’m not a kid!” the boy snapped.
Jonghyung got a bit startled at that tone.
“Alright then... I’m Jonghyun, what’s your name?”
The boy just looked at him.
“Oh come on, I won’t hurt you or anything.”
The boy blinked a couple of times before he opened his mouth to speak.
“I-I’m Taemin...”
“Well Taemin, I want to help you so why don’t you come out?”
“I-I can’t.”
“Why not?”
“Because I’m stuck...”
Jonghyun chuckled softly at that, and moved into the bush to help the boy out.
Once Taemin was out, Jonghyun checked him to see if the injuries were bad enough that he’d have to take him to the hospital, luckily they weren’t.
“Um, I think you’ll be able to go home without any problems,” Jonghyun stated, smiling at Taemin who frowned in return.
Did that guy not see his broken wing!?
He couldn’t fly, let alone walk back up into heaven.
Now they just stared at each other.
“Is...there something wrong?” Jonghyun then asked.
Taemin bit his lip upon realizing that Jonghyun couldn’t see his wings because he was a normal human being.
“I... I’m homeless.”
Jonghyun’s eyes grew wide at that statement; “Really?”
Taemin nodded his head slowly, looking down.
“Then....would you come to my place?”
“Your place?”
“Yeah, so I can check out your wounds.”
“But you don’t even know me... I could be a robber or a cold blooded killer.”
“If you were either of those, you would have done something by now.”
Taemin swallowed, was this guy really just human or was he one of those who hunted down fallen angels and killed them?
“Can you walk Taeminnie?”
“I think so...”
“I’ll support you just in case then.”
Taemin was unable to protest before his right arm was suddenly placed around Jonghyun’s neck and one of the other boy’s hands was placed at Taemin’s waist to support him.
They walked back together, Taemin looking back at the place where he’d crashed.
This was going to draw a lot of attention.

After having the boy settled in his bed, Jonghyun went to get the first aid kit.
Taemin had fallen asleep and was still sleeping as Jonghyun cleaned his wounds and got him out of his clothes.
Having finished, Jonghyun noticed two weird marks on Taemin’s shoulder blades.
He carefully touched one of them with one of his fingers.
It felt like those scars people get after cutting something away and stitching it back together again.
The weird thing was that the scars were identical.
Jonghyun pulled away upon realizing how weird it was to feel some complete stranger’s scars whilst he was asleep.
He pulled the covers up over the boy before he went to settle himself on the couch.
Lying down, Jonghyun was glad he had had Key over in a drunken state a couple of times earlier or else this would have given him serious sleeping problems.
It didn’t take long for him to fall asleep and he slept well now that the weird feeling he had earlier in the pit of his stomach was all gone.

Waking up the next morning, Jonghyun looked into two dark brown orbs, his eyes opening wide when he remembered what had happened the other night.
“Good morning Jonghyun,” Taemin spoke softly, smiling.
“Uh... Good morning to you too Taeminnie.”
“Thank you for cleaning my wounds.”
“You’re welcome.”
“I guess I’ll be leaving then.”
“Are you in a hurry?”
“No, why?”
“Then stay a little,” Jonghyun said, almost begging.
“Gee, I don’t know... I mean, we don’t even know each other.”
Jonghyun rubbed his eyes as he slowly sat up; “I want you to stay.”
“That’s odd.”
“Yeah I know, right.”
Taemin couldn’t help but to smile a little.
Jonghyun returned the smile.
Jonghyun then stretched; “What do you want for breakfast?”
“I don’t know.”
“Let’s go out then.”
“Yeah, not like a date though.”
“Uh... I guess we could eat out...”
“Good, I’ll just grab a shower first,” Jonghyun said before he got up and left for the bathroom.
Taemin sat down and waited, he quite liked this place, it was so organized and clean.
It kind of reminded him of heaven, only here there was a lot more stuff.
He took a couple of minutes to look at his broken wing.
It would take some time for it to heal and he hoped he’d get as far away from this place as he could.
He liked Jonghyun, he was really nice, but he couldn’t risk those men finding him here.

“Are you ready to go?” Jonghyun asked upon returning.
Jonghyun then noticed the torn clothes Taemin was wearing, the clothes he had found him in.
“Come here, I’ll lend you some of my clothes.”
Taemin had a puzzled look on his face as he looked at Jonghyun before he stood up and followed Jonghyun.
Jonghyun dressed Taemin up nicely and even added some eyeliner to make the outfit suit him better.
“There we go.”
Taemin smiled thankfully at Jonghyun.
That boy was really the sweetest.

As the two boys made their way to one of the many cafes to get something to eat, they bumped into a couple of Jonghyun’s friends who of course joined them for breakfast.
“Who’s this guy?” a tall dark guy asked.
“This?” Jonghyun asked, pointing at Taemin.
“Yeah, the cute kid.”
“Ah, Minho... He’s Taemin, an old friend of mine,” Jonghyun lied, receiving a nod from Minho and his other friends.
Taemin, on the other hand, shook his head.
He didn’t approve of lying.
“Jonghyun-ah...You don’t have to lie for me,” he spoke, making the other boys look at Taemin weirdly.
“Jonghyun found me and took care of me.”
“Found you?”
Taemin nodded; “In the park.”
Minho frowned and gave Jonghyun a look.
“Are you out of your mind Jonghyun!? You can’t just bring boys like that home and take care of them, that’s fucking paedophilia, not to mention GAY!”
“Quiet down Minho, do you want me to end up in jail or something? Gesh, he needed my help.”
Taemin held onto Jonghyun’s arm, not really liking the arguing.
“God damn it Jonghyun, you’re such a queer,” Minho sneered as he saw Jonghyun stroke Taemin’s hair.
“Hey calm down Minho, someone might think you’re in love with Jonghyun,” one of the other boys spoke.
“Oh shut up you. We’re leaving.”
“Yeah, just get lost Minho, you never were a good friend,” Jonghyun said calmly as he walked passed him, pulling Taemin along with him.

“Jonghyun-ah... I’m sorry I made you lose your friends,” Taemin spoke softly when they finally found a place to eat.
“Don’t worry about it Taemin. Minho and I have a love-hate friendship. We argue about things almost all the time and by the next day, he’s forgotten about everything and we’re friends again.”
“That’s weird,” Taemin stated as they both sat down.
“That’s just how rich kids act.”
“Oh, he’s rich...?”
“Enough about that, let’s order,” Jonghyun said as he picked up the menu.
Taemin gave a small nod and looked through the menu with Jonghyun.
“Waffles sound good,” the blonde boy spoke, pointing to where it was written in the menu.
“Waffles it is then,” Jonghyun said before he called for the waiter so he could place their order.

The two boys talked about random things as they waited for their food to arrive.
Taemin watched Jonghyun and smiled as he listened to him talk about his hobbies and the other stuff he enjoyed doing.
He liked how Jonghyun’s eyes showed that he really liked what he was talking about.
The charming smile making his heart skip a beat every once in a while.
Jonghyun blushed lightly upon noticing the way Taemin was looking at him, making him wonder if the boy was gay.

“Hey Taemin, you’re not gay are you?” he suddenly asked, the question having bothered him for quite some time now.
“G-gay??” Taemin asked a little startled, wondering why Jonghyun would ask that question at all.
Jonghyun nodded his head and Taemin shook his, making him feel really relieved.
“Good, I have enough gay friends as it is,” he said, chuckling softly.
“Not that it’s a bad thing to have many gay friends,” Jonghyun explained.
An awkward silence surrounded the two of them as their food arrived.

They ate in silence and left that way too.
Jonghyun walked close to Taemin.
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