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For the suju 100 fic challange, theme 100

 “EunHyuk-ah….” SiWon said softly.
“KangIn’s down stairs right?”
“Yeah, he’s watching a horror movie, why?”
“Let’s go down and watch it with him.”
“But you think horror is boring,” EunHyuk said frowning.
“I like KangIn…. You remember that, right?”
“How could I ever forget?”
“But he doesn’t want me cos he knows he can have me.”
“And the point is?”
“KangIn only wants what he can’t have….he takes it too.”
EunHyuk looked questionably at his friend.
“I’ll pretend I get horny by horror movies and then we make out and then KangIn’ll steal me from you, not that we have anything going on.”
EunHyuk sighed dejectedly, once SiWon had decided to do something, he couldn’t be stopped, but EunHyuk knew he’d be in trouble with KangIn after doing this.

As the two boys made their way downstairs, EunHyuk shivered at the unpleasant memories from last year.
When he was 15, KangIn took his innocence, raping him for the first time and when KangIn had first started doing something, he kept on doing it.
For each night their parents had gone out, KangIn would rape EunHyuk on different places in the house.
Even though it had been a months since last time he was raped, EunHyuk still didn’t feel safe doing certain things around his older brother.
The raping had stopped when KangIn had fucked EunHyuk in every room in the large house, the only place they hadn’t been, and EunHyuk was grateful for the fact that KangIn had never taken him there, was the basement where their father slaughtered the deer’s he shot or other animals he killed and so on.

Sitting down on the couch, as far away from KangIn as possible, EunHyuk got a bit surprised when SiWon sat down close to him, didn’t he like KangIn anymore?
Shrugging the though away, EunHyuk watched the movie, not enjoying it at all.
After a little while, SiWon leaned on EunHyuk, whispering softly, loud enough for KangIn to hear.
“Horror’s really turns me on Hyukie…”
EunHyuk swallowed.
The game had started…..
SiWon immediately pulled EunHyuk onto his lap, kissing him deeply, KangIn watching them from the corner of his eyes.
EunHyuk kissed back hesitantly when SiWon proceeded to deepen the kiss, showing KangIn that they were now French kissing.
EunHyuk had closed his eyes, his hands resting on SiWon’s shoulders as the said boy had started grinding against him, desperate for KangIn to notice which it didn’t show that he was actually watching them and not the movie.
Just when things started to get good, SiWon’s phone rang and he picked up, proceeding to argue with whoever it was on the other end.
After hanging up, he looked apologetically at EunHyuk.
“I’m sorry, but I have to go…” he said, getting off of his friend.
“W-where to?” EunHyuk asked, swallowing as he felt KangIn’s gaze upon him.
“It’s mum…” he replied, rolling his eyes; “I’ve gotta go home, sorry Hyukie.”
With that, SungMin left EunHyuk all alone in his house with KangIn who immediately moved closer to EunHyuk, breathing against his neck before kissing it.
“Stop it KangIn,” EunHyuk huffed, actually managing to push him away.
“Oh come on EunHyuk, teasing me with stuff like that really isn’t smart…”
“I wasn’t teasing….SiWon wanted your attention on him.”
KangIn laughed at that.
“That boy won’t ever get my attention that way you’re getting it,” he said, leaning in to kiss his neck again.
“Cut it out!”
“You know what day it is, right Hyukie…?”
EunHyuk didn’t reply.
“Tonight is exactly one year since you lost your virginity…..” a smirk was formed on KangIn’s lips as he said that; “We should celebrate…”
“Get off me,” EunHyuk snapped and attempted to push him away again, but this time KagnIn had had enough, the said man grabbed a hold of his younger brother’s hair, yanking his head backwards.
“I decide when I’ll get off you!” he growled, causing EunHyuk to start crying again, just like he’d done the other times he had raped him.
Why EunHyuk never told anyone about the rapes, none of the two males knew.
Never the less, KangIn stood up, pulling EunHyuk with him towards the door down to the basement, EunHyuk’s eyes widening once he realized it.
“N-no hyung, no, please don’t,” he begged, already sobbing hard; “I’ll do anything….Just don’t take me down there….”
“It’s way too late for that kid,” KangIn said, opening the door before practically throwing the boy down the stairway.

The basement was a large dark and moist room, the smell of mold stinging in EunHyuk’s nostrils.
When KangIn reached the other, he grabbed him by the hair again, pulling him towards another door.
Opening the door, KangIn entered the room, throwing EunHyuk to the floor as he proceeded to take his clothes off, EunHyuk’s eyes filled with horror.
Once he was undressed, KangIn pulled EunHyuk up on his feet before pulling his clothes off, the boy giving in as he knew there was no use in fighting.
“Cheer up Hyukie,” KangIn said softly as he lifted him up, carrying him to the table their father would cut the animals in loads of pieces on, the cold metal plate making EunHyuk’s body shiver as he was now sitting on it.
The 16 year old was still crying as KangIn pushed him to lie down, moving his hands and feet so he could tie them to the table.
He leaned close to EunHyuk’s face, kissing his lips needingly for a couple of seconds before lowering the table so it was just under his hips.
He fisted the other’s hair in one hand as the other went for his own erection; holding is as he pressed it against his younger brother’s lips.
“Mmh!” EunHyuk clasped his lips closed as he turned his head away, KangIn getting angry with that of course and yanked the boy’s head backwards, making him scream out in pain.
“Lick it,” KangIn demanded as he yet again brought his cock to the other’s mouth, letting the head trace the other’s lips; “NOW!”
KangIn’s angry voice was just too much for poor EunHyuk so he obliged to his wish, parting his lips and sticking out his tongue to gently trace it over the tip of his older brother’s cock.
“Yeah….that’s it…” KangIn groaned, pushing EunHyuk’s head closer; “…now suck…”
EunHyuk wrapped his lips around the erection as his head got pushed closer, gently sucking on its head.
KangIn leaned his head back, panting softly.
“Good boy Hyukie…Good boy….”
Tears were running down EunHyuk’s cheeks as he was forced to take even more of the other’s cock into his mouth, a disgusting taste filling his mouth as he got closer to the base.
As EunHyuk was practically unable to bob his head, KangIn thrust in and out of the boy’s hot cavern, letting his cock touch the back of his throat with each thrust, making the boy gag slightly.
KangIn let the boy suck him for a couple of minutes before he pulled his cock out of the other’s mouth, grinning as he saw it was all nice and wet.
KangIn wiped the tears off if EunHyuk’s cheeks before he moved to take his father’s butcher knife, letting the cold blade slide down EunHyuk’s chest, the boy had already started sobbing again.
“H-hyung~” he cried, his breath hitching.
KangIn didn’t say anything; just let the icy cold blade slide down to his brother’s thighs, turning it so it was making a long and thin, yet small cut on the boy’s thigh before licking the blood seeping through the wound.
EunHyuk arched his back at the feel of KangIn’s hot tongue on his thigh, making his erection stand proud.
KangIn just loved how EunHyuk’s body reacted against the said boy’s will.
Putting the knife away, KangIn untied EunHyuk before turning him to lie on his stomach, squashing his rock hard member between the said boy’s body and the cold metal table before he tied him to it again.
The older man’s silence was making EunHyuk nervous and he sobs even harder as he knew that he was going to go through a lot of pain.
But what he didn’t know what that KangIn had left him on his own to go find something.
Everything was so quiet except for EunHyuk’s sobbing when suddenly his head was yanked backwards and a knife was held to this throat.
“Struggle and you’ll die…” a voice which sounded familiar to KangIn’s said, and of course it was KangIn, EunHyuk was just having one hell of a crazy imagination when being alone in a cold room.
EunHyuk swallowed as the knife pressed gently against his throat, cutting him a little.
“SHUT UP!” KangIn snapped, he was sitting on top of the other, one knee on each side of EunHyuk’s body.
EunHyuk was scared shitless, but was also determent to escape the other.
“B-but I was going to offer you another BJ….” EunHyuk barely managed to say through his sobbing and the fact that KangIn and specifically told him to shut up.
KangIn smirked, removing the knife before proceeding to untie him.
Once he was untied, EunHyuk bit his lip ad turned to look up at KangIn who was waiting for the blow job.
“Y-you have to move off of the table…” EunHyuk said his voice shaking.
KangIn nodded his head and put the knife down before moving to get off the table, and then EunHyuk pulled his legs to him and kicked the older male to the floor, making him loose his breath for just long enough for EunHyuk to get the hell out of the room and upstairs.
He locked the wooden door before proceeding to run to his room, taking his phone, dialing SiWon’s number as he hid under the bed.

KangIn was slowly standing up looking around the room.
“Where the fuck did that slut go?” he growled to himself, as he looked around in the room before finally heading back up, only to be stopped by the locked door.

“S-SiWon??” EunHyuk stuttered when someone picked up.
“No… It’s SungMin….Who are you?”
“I-it’s EunHyuk…. I need to speak to SiWon….please…”
“I’m sorry, but he’s busy right now talking to mum about his future wife.”
“B-but it’s important!” EunHyuk protested and before SungMin could reply, he heard EunHyuk scream; “No!!! Let me go~!!”
“Yah! EunHyuk!? Are you there???” SungMin asked, starting to panic, but the call was canceled.
The boy hurried to SiWon, not caring that he interrupted his mother’s meeting with him.

Once KangIn had cancelled the call, he threw the phone away, his grip around EunHyuk’s neck.
“Now you’ve gotten me pissed!”
“C-can’t breathe…” EunHyuk barely managed to say as his brother’s grip tightened.
The older male, threw the younger one onto the bed before joining him in it.
EunHyuk tried to fight his brother, but he was literally holding his life in his hands.
“Lie still for fuck’s sake!” KangIn growled as he directed his erection to EunHyuk’s entrance, entering him with one hard thrust.
EunHyuk let out a quiet scream of pain at the intrusion, arching his back.
KangIn had a rough pace, one hand supporting him by holding EunHyuk’s hips, the other, having a strong hold of the said boy’s throat, almost strangling him.
Just like one year ago, EunHyuk’s stuffed animals were watching KangIn commit an unforgivable crime.
It didn’t take long for KangIn to cum as EunHyuk was so fucking tight all the time, and just as he was about to pull out, someone grabbed his shoulder and yanked him away from the crying boy.
KangIn fell to the floor, but was quick to get back up on his feet, glaring at the man who had interrupted him.
“S-SiWon…” EunHyuk hiccupped also coughing due to the lack of oxygen, but SiWon couldn’t come to the rescue as he was already too busy fighting KangIn, luckily, SungMin had come along and was now sitting on the bed beside the poor boy, checking his body.
“Are you alright EunHyukie?” he asked worriedly, but there was no reply, EunHyuk had blacked out as he had managed to take in too much air.

When EunHyuk woke up later that night, SungMin was holding him close, stroking his hair.
“S-SiWon..?” he asked softly.
“No… It’s SungMin; SiWon has taken KangIn to the police station along with evidence of raping you.”
EunHyuk let out a small hiccup; “Not jail… Hyung’s a good man, he really is…”
“No he’s not.”
“He’s my brother….” EunHyuk started crying again.
“Ssh,” SungMin cooed, patting his head; “It’ll all be better once he’s locked up.”

A couple of months later, KangIn had been to trial and was found guilty of rape and attempted to murder.
KangIn has senesced to ten years in jail which he swore to EunHyuk he’d get back at him for.
Their parents were shocked, none of them had read the signs or forced the kids to say what was up and so on.
Well back at the house, EunHyuk’s father sealed of the basement for good.

Not a day went by without EunHyuk regretting that he didn’t tell his mother what happened that night a four of years ago, his life would have been so much easier.
Everyone knew who Lee EunHyuk was, and of course they all knew who Lee KangIn was too.
EunHyuk was living a rather happy yet miserable life, he had a boyfriend who loved and looked after him, and he also had a bodyguard who kicked every ones asses if they ever said EunHyuk was his own brother’s private slut.
EunHyuk had scars that reminded him everyday how stupid he had been for not telling earlier and how close he was to being killed.

Four years later
“Are you alright EunHyuk?” a voice suddenly asked.
“Yeah, I’m fine Min-ah,” EunHyuk said, smiling up at his boyfriend.
“Are you sure? You seem kinda spaced…”
“I’m just….” He moved a hand to trace a finger along the scar on his throat; “….thinking…”
“Hyukie…. How many times must I tell you to not think about those bad memories?”
“I’m sorry, I just can’t help it.”
SungMin sighed softly.
“SiWon’s visiting KangIn in jail again… He’s trying to get him to turn to God.”
EunHyuk let out a low chuckle; “No one can make KangIn do things he doesn’t want to do.”
“Ah… My handsome man~ Come cuddle with me,” SungMin said sweetly, making EunHyuk smiled at him and stand up.
“I think I’m ready for us to have sex tonight…” he said quietly, a grin spreading across SungMin’s lips.
EunHyuk nodded his head.
“What are we waiting for then!” SungMin said, pulling EunHyuk with him to their bedroom.
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