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For the suju 100 fic challange, theme 087

EunHyuk was as usual having a rather good day, just doing what he loved which was dancing when he suddenly started feeling very dizzy.
He sat down on the floor, figuring that he had just over worked himself, but as the minutes passed it only got worse so he decided he’d call a cab to get to the hospital in case it was something serious.

On the mean time at the dorm, SungMin and the other’s were busy either playing around or making dinner, no one even noticing that EunHyuk wasn’t back yet until SungMin looked at the time.
“Hey Wook, can you watch the rice?” SungMin asked.
“Sure, hyung,” the younger male smiled, doing as he was asked, SungMin then went off in search of his boyfriend.

Not seeming to find him anywhere, he was just about to call him when the said man walked in through the door.
“There you are~” SungMin said, grinning upon seeing him.
“Yeah… Sorry I’m late, I just lost track of time,” the dancer replied, hugging his boyfriend lovingly, something he’d always do when he got back home.
SungMin just smiled, hugging back, the other’s not even noticing it as they all knew they were dating.
Like out of 13 guys living together, at least two had to be gay, right?
The couple kissed once before SungMin headed back to the kitchen to help RyeoWook finish and set the table, EunHyuk on the other hand went to take a shower, but not a warm shower like he used to.

When the day came to an end EunHyuk and SungMin cuddled up in one of their beds, even though they shared room, they rarely slept in the same bed.
“Hey Min… I need to tell you something,” EunHyuk said softly, nuzzling his lover’s neck from behind, his hands moving slowly up and down the other’s stomach.
“Really? What’s that?”
“I love you.”
SungMin chuckled, one of his hands patting EunHyuk’s as it joined them on his stomach.
“I love you too.”
“Good,” EunHyuk said, smiling as he pressed a kiss to the other’s shoulder.
SungMin turned his head to get a better view of the other, smiling.
“I know we should sleep…But I feel so…” he bit his lip.
“So what baby?”
“Horny…” he whispered, making EunHyuk smirk and move so he could kiss him sweetly.
“Me too…” he murmured, licking at his lover’s lips.
SungMin parted his lips, letting a soft moan slip through them as poked his tongue out to meet the other’s, arms sneaking around his neck to pull him closer.
He let his tongue run along EunHyuk’s, luring the other’s tongue into his mouth so he could suck on it.
EunHyuk let out a low groan, moving a hand to stroke the other’s chest, making the slightly older male shiver at the touch.
It only took a couple of seconds for SungMin’s cock to get fully erected at his lover’s touch, but their small love making session was suddenly stopped when EunHyuk broke the kiss to lean over the edge of the bed and puke.
“Oh my gosh! Hyukie, are you alright?” SungMin asked worriedly upon hearing and smelling that the other was throwing up.
EunHyuk didn’t reply, just coughed and threw up some more.
SungMin sighed softly, rubbing EunHyuk’s back as he whispered soothing words for a while before he slipped out of the bed and went to get a bucket for the other and started cleaning up after him, boy was he glad they didn’t have a carpet on the floor right now.
EunHyuk was in pain, tears rolling down his cheeks as he kept coughing and throwing up, sobbing hard too.
“Ssh… It’ll be alright love, you’ll be just fine,” SungMin murmured as he was stroking his lover’s back, now lying behind him; “Just relax and it’ll get better, promise.”
Those were the last words SungMin spoke before EunHyuk finally managed to fall asleep, the puking stopping for now….

The next day, EunHyuk had a light fever and had to stay in bed all day, all his band mates looking after him, luckily he recovered fast and managed to avoid questions.
It had already been a month and SungMin had been a good boy looking after him and making sure the other didn’t eat things that could make him sick.

“Mmh?” SungMin said, looking up from his book.
“You’re not mad at me, are you?”
“No… Should I be?”
“Well… You haven’t kissed me since that incident…”
“I haven’t? Oh well, come here then,” SungMin said, smiling at his lover who slowly approached him.
EunHyuk leaned down so SungMin could kiss him sweetly, and that sweet kiss turned into a slightly hotter one and soon the book was on the floor and EunHyuk in SungMin’s lap.
They kissed each other deeply, hands caressing each other’s bodies as they were slowly getting turned on.
“Seriously guys! Go to your room!” a voice suddenly sounded, it was Heechul and he didn’t look happy at all.
SungMin blushed furiously; “S-sorry…”
EunHyuk just chuckled and stood up, pulling his boyfriend with him to the room, not stopping until they were both in bed.
“Where were we?” he asked, kissing the other’s neck.
“Right about here…” SungMin replied, pulling away to pull both their shirts off.
“I think we were a little more like this…” EunHyuk continued, getting rid of the rest of their clothes.
“Yes, that’s more like it,” SungMin grinned, wrapping his arms round EunHyuk’s neck as they kissed, bodies grinding hard against each other.
SungMin moaned wantonly into the kiss, loving the feel of the other’s slim body against his.
He arched his back as one of EunHyuk’s hands had wrapped its fingers around his erection, stroking it in a slow pace.
EunHyuk’s lips left SungMin’s, kissing his way down his neck and chest only starting to lick when he reached his lover’s dick.
He licked on the tip of it, but not for long s SungMin suddenly sat up and pushed him to lie down, kissing him deeply as he mounted him.
EunHyuk kissed back, it had been a while since the last time they had sex so things were a bit awkward, but when SungMin first sat down on his lover’s cock they grew more confident and things just started to flow on its own.
They held each other close as EunHyuk started to thrust into him, SungMin’s face hidden in the other’s neck.
EunHyuk’s thrust changed from hard and fast to nice and slow and back to the first again, lips crashing together for a couple of seconds before they changed their position.

SungMin was now lying on his back with EunHyuk over himself, kissing tenderly as the thrust were calm and gentle.
“Ah…” SungMin moaned, moving his hips back against the other’s thrusts, his lover’s cock seeming to go deeper within him for each thrust.
One of EunHyuk’s hands sneaked in-between their bodies to give SungMin’s neglected erection some well deserved attention, digging his thumb into the head.
It only took a couple of more thrust until EunHyuk finally located his lover’s prostate, making him spill his seeds after just taking two thrusts against it.
EunHyuk’s hand slid easier on the other’s cock now that it was stained with his release, he smeared it all over the other’s pubic hair and balls, making him gasp softly.
Again they changed their position, EunHyuk now fucking his lover from behind.
They moaned and groaned in sync, each breath inhaled in time with each other’s.
EunHyuk was leaning over SungMin as he thrust into him nice and slow, lips attached to the other’s shoulder.

“You close yet?” SungMin asked after a little while, starting to worry that he wasn’t attractive to his boyfriend anymore.
“Just around the corner babe…” EunHyuk replied, pulling back so he was standing on his knees as he kept thrusting into him, hands holding his lover’s hips tightly as he thrust harder and soon after he came, spilling his seeds into his tight hole as he moaned his lover’s name.
After pulling out, SungMin laid down, EunHyuk still being on top of him, stroked his shoulder
SungMin turned his head, his eyes meeting with his lover’s and they kissed.
EunHyuk’s one hand went around the other’s head to support it as he himself laid down, still kissing him.
They stayed like that, just kissing as EunHyuk’s free hand moved around SungMin’s body to hold one of his hands.
“I love you…” SungMin said, smiling softy into the kiss.
“I love you too,” EunHyuk replied, licking into the other’s mouth who let out a soft moan in return.

They both fell asleep a little while later, bodies lying in the same position as when they finished their intercourse, EunHyuk holding SungMin close.
Sometime during the night EunHyuk woke up coughing, he covered his mouth as he stumbled out of the bed, accidentally waking up his lover.
“Are you alright EunHyuk?” SungMin asked as he turned to look at him.
“Yeah, I’m fine… Just gonna go get something for my coughing in the bathroom.”
SungMin smiled and gave a small nod before opening his mouth to say something but EunHyuk had already gone.
Returning after a little while EunHyuk’s chough was gone.
“Hyung…” he said, “I’ve got something to tell you.”
“What’s that?” SungMin asked but before EunHyuk could reply he suddenly threw up, the bittersweet smell of blood filling the room.
“Oh my God are you alright!?” SungMin gasped, stumbling out of the bed as he was in a hurry to get to the younger male.
EunHyuk was still unable to speak, blood dripping from both his mouth and nose.
SungMin rubbed his back with one hand as he attempted to call an ambulance, but dropped his phone to the floor, into the pile of blood.
“SHIT!” he cursed and stood up, looking around for EunHyuk’s phone but it was nowhere in sight so he rushed out to the living room where some of the other’s were watching a movie.
“Jesus Christ Min!” HeeChul said, covering his eyes at the sight of the naked SungMin, but the said man didn’t even notice; he just grabbed the phone, dialed the number and started giving the information needed.

Once the ambulance arrived, EunHyuk was already unconscious, and every one of the Super Juniors very very confused and scared.
SungMin was only wearing a bathrobe as he rode in the ambulance with his lover, holding his hand as he was slowly getting back to the real world.

Having been waiting for hours for the test results to be brought back, SungMin and the others were praying for EunHyuk to be healthy.
The doctor entered the room with his little pile of papers, looking through them as he spoke to some of the nurses.
“Well…” the doctor started, looking at the others in the room.
“Things haven’t gone the way we planned and so the cancer has spread from his liver to his lungs.”
“The what!? What do you mean things haven’t gone the way they were planned to do?” SungMin said, the only one of the twelve members that wasn’t speechless.
“Starting with the treatment today, we might just extend Mr. Lee’s living period up to three of four years,” the doctor continued.
SungMin’s eyes were filled with tears as he turned to look at EunHyuk who was looking out the window.
“Y-you knew…??” SungMin stuttered, receiving a small nod in return as EunHyuk tuned to look at him; “And y-you didn’t e-even think about telling us? M-me…?”
“I’m sorry, but you guys have to leave…” the doctor said.
“I HATE YOU LEE HYUKJAE!” SungMin yelled before running crying out of the room, the other’s slowly walking after him.
“I will pray for you EunHyuk,” SiWon spoke softly before closing the door.

Starting with the medication, EunHyuk slowly got better, but SungMin didn’t visit him like the others did, he just stayed at home, crying his eyes out.
This went on for a couple of weeks until SungMin started getting ill and gaining weight, he went to the hospital to find out what was wrong with him, and when it mystery was solved he just had to go see his lover.

“Hey Hyuk…” SungMin said softly as he walked over to the bed.
“Hey…” EunHyuk replied, biting his lip, “I’m so…”
“Don’t be,” SungMin interrupted as he sat down on the bed; “Please get better Hyukie… Not for me, your family, fans or the others, not even for yourself.”
EunHyuk frowned; “Then for who?”
“For our baby…” SungMin said softly, smiling as he took EunHyuk’s hand and placed it on his tummy which had just gotten bigger and bigger.
“Are you serious?”
“Yes… HyukJae, I’m pregnant.”
EunHyuk smiled softly, gently rubbing the stomach.
“I need you now, more than ever… Even if it’s just for four more years.”
EunHyuk’s smile widened, he was really happy SungMin didn’t hate him anymore.
“I’m telling you SungMin; I’m gonna live for more than just four years.”
“Because I believe.”
“I believe you… You’ll watch our baby grow up with me and we’ll grow old together…”
“I’d like that a lot…” EunHyuk said, his hand still on SungMin’s tummy.
SungMin smiled and leaned down to place a soft kiss upon EunHyuk’s lips.
“I have to go… Visiting hours is over but I’ll come see you every day and bring you back home next week,” SungMin said softly as he stood up and left the room, leaving EunHyuk to be on his own.

The week passed by fast and EunHyuk was finally free to go home, he was however not allowed to work too much or be in too much activity which meant no sex what so ever, but EunHyuk didn’t care, he wouldn’t want to harm the unborn baby in any way.
Things were going great, SungMin’s tummy grew a little more for each passing day and EunHyuk would cuddle with and talk to it more and more.
The other band members found it weird and meant it was impossible for a man to become pregnant, well everyone except Siwon because he was a believer who actually helped SungMin and EunHyuk believe that they were going to live long enough for gay marriage to be allowed in Korea.

Everything was just perfect until EunHyuk caught a cold and had to be sent to the hospital.
SungMin sat by the bed, holding EunHyuk’s hand as the said man coughed badly, no kinds of medicine seeming to work.
He was crying, tears streaming down his face, he wasn’t afraid of losing EunHyuk because he believed he’d live for at least four years, he was crying because seeing his lover in such pain was just heartbreaking.
“Please be alright Hyukie…” he whispered, holding on tight to his lover’s hand as the said male fell asleep, his breath becoming calmer and coughing only occurring every once in a while.
SungMin smiled softly, calming down once his lover was sleeping, but after just a couple of seconds, EunHyuk started coughing up blood.
“Hyukie!” SungMin said startled, standing up as he looked around, he was all alone.
He gently shook his lover, but there was no other response than coughing, blood splashing down on the white sheets.
Tears filled SungMin’s eyes as one of the strange machines standing by the bed starting to beep; he knew what that meant….
Suddenly the room was filled with nurses and doctors, SungMin being pushed away and one of the nurses calling the rest of the band to come calm SungMin down who was by now completely hysterical, trying to get to the dying EunHyuk.
One of the doctors took out the ‘heart starter’ as SungMin called it, not really remembering what it was really called.
It seemed like time stood still, SungMin was desperate to get to his lover, but strong arms wrapped around him, holding him back, the others had arrived.
The first jolt of electricity went through EunHyuk’s body, his body flinching, but there was no response.
The doctors tried again, but there was no response.
“One last time…” one of the doctors said.
Time stood still as they charged it again, tears streaming down SungMin’s face.
The beeping sound kept going and SungMin knew they’d lost, EunHyuk was dead…
If it hadn’t been or KangIn who was holding SungMin, the man would have fallen to the floor as he screamed in pain.
The doctors were noting the time of death on a piece of paper before they all left the room, telling the Super Juniors that it was the cold mixed with the man’s bad condition because of the cancer that took his life, there was simply nothing they could have done to save him.
SungMin cried even louder and for the first time he managed to tear himself loose from KangIn’s strong hold.
He went straight to the departed EunHyuk’s bed, hands fisting the blood stained blanket as he knelt down, burying his face in the side of the mattress, sobbing.
“I hate you Lee HyukJae…”
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