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Master list!

Here are the list of all my fics and so on~

Super Junior 100 fic challange~    another list for fics that will not be found on this list.

The Vacation

Super Junior:
The Baby Problem
Pairings: EunHae, KyuMin, HyukMin friendship
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Genere: smut, humor, fluff
Rating: NC-17
Summary: A baby is found outside DongHae's house...
EunHyuk falls for the cute thing and kinda adopts it.
But with the baby, a few problems appear, testing EunHae's relationship.
EunHyuk asks his good friend SungMin for help...
It turns out that things didn't end up the way EunHyuk wanted them to...
The things that made him hurt, weak and even break down and cry, also made him stronger.
This is a story about true friendship and love<3

The Day I Died
Parings: CL x Dara, HyukMin, KyuHae, SungMin x TaRi [me], SuMin
Genere: fluff, smut, humor, slight angst
Chapter: Prolouge
Rating: NC-17

Summary: EunHyuk is sent to live with DongHae and his brother and lover because his parents are sick of him and so on. DongHae needs the money in order to keep the house so without further a due, his little brother, SungMin gets a room mate. SungMin is not liking this at all seeing that he has lost his girlfriend in an accident and has turned all bad. 
The two boys' friendship starts off badly, but is quickly going back on track, and slowly growing into something more.

I hate Fairytales
What took you so long?

My happy ending
The break up
Lovely Day
I love you too
GF Prob
Mr. Right
Love's way [yet to be posted here]
The day I died [yet to be posted here]

The color of jealousy [yet to be posted here]